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Enrollment Documents

       We are excited to join your family’s village of caregivers. The following forms with help keep your little one safe and help us do our best to build on the quality of care you give in your home. We will keep the love (along with feeding and napping times) and add language enrichment and social engagement to your little one’s daily routine. Please following the directions below to begin this extraordinary journey!

Welcome to the BabyFe Family!






Step 1: Read the Parent's Handbook with your family
Step 2: Have a Physician fill out Immunization, Lead Blood Test Certificates, Medication

Administration Authorization Form (If necessary), and Emergency Form

Step 3: Read and fill out all remaining documents in Enrollment Packet

Step 4: Verify in the Enrollment Checklist that you are not missing any documents.
Step 5: Scan and email all remaining documents, including a picture of your child for use in the classroom, to the Center Director at 
3 days before the first day of attendance

Step 6: The Center Director will confirm receipt and give next steps for enrollment within 2 business days

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