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Our Mission

In this global economy, at BabyFe, we strive to create opportunities for our children through meaningful engagements with Spanish, English and Math literacy. We credit our renowned capability to cultivate Kindergarten-ready students to our  specialty Spanish Immersion program. At BabyFe, we respect diversity and encourage community bonding by empowering children with the tools necessary to be ready for kindergarten and the world.

Our Philosophy of Education

We know that children who learn eight nursery rhymes by age four tend to be amongst the top readers in their peer-group by age eight. At BabyFe, we use the Frog Street curriculum to support literacy and numeracy development. Each classroom also supplements the learning with content lessons derived from the featured nursery rhyme of the month. Nursery rhymes are unpacked in a developmentally appropriate manner for each student.


For infants, the literary concepts found in nursery rhymes will be presented as the multi-sensory experience that is heavily sought-after by this age group. Toddlers will access the content with their entire bodies while jumping, running, kicking, throwing, etc. As children grow older, they are able to move towards more abstract thinking and apply rules to symbols such as letters and numbers. Therefore, BabyFe’s preschoolers will have a more traditional academic focus on pre-literacy and pre-numeracy concepts.


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