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1) Why should I sign up?

There are numerous benefits to signing up for BabyFe. Whether your child is pre-school age or registering for honors courses, BabyFe teachers and tutors will meet their needs and work with them to exceed their goals. In particular, bilingualism has countless benefits including, but not limited to higher comprehension skills and hiring potential. Click here to read more about the benefits of bilingualism.


2) Will learning Spanish hinder my child’s ability to learn English?

No. On the contrary, learning a second language has been found to strengthen people’s fluency and comprehension in their first language.


3) Why can’t I just have my child watch Spanish TV or listen to Spanish CDs?

Learning a language is an interactive activity that requires the learner to be an active participant. There must be an opportunity for the learner to respond to and produce language when learning any language.


4)When will my child be able to speak Spanish?

Like with any language, learning to speak with fluency takes time. The average American child is immersed in English language daily and still is not expected to speak full sentences until almost three years of age. The more exposure your child has, the more your child will be able to understand and use the language. Moreover, the exposure has to be sustained over time for learning to be achieved.

5) I don’t speak Spanish. How will I be able to support my child's development?

The parents of our learning center students will receive monthly newsletters containing the translated focus content and supporting resources we will be using with our students. Also, parents can find support for their child's learning on BabyFe's blog.  

Group classes are designed for participants who speak little-to-no Spanish. Each class will be heavily scaffolded with gestures, bilingual picture labels and charts. Also, the instructor will speak slowly enough to allow you to hear words that may already be familiar to you and translate when necessary.


6) How will a bilingual preschool education benefit my child's English K-12 education? 

Behind safety, Kindergarten preparedness is our top priority at BabyFe. We recognize that many of our graduates will be entering English Kindergarten classrooms. In preparation, out PreK3 and PreK4 classroom spend an equal amount of time on English and Spanish literacy. Furthermore, the strong Spanish foundation our students receive will make the foreign language credits required to graduate high school easier to acquire when the time comes.

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