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Beyond The Protests

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Volunteer for, donate to, support and promote black organizations and businesses to keep this movement going once the cameras are off and society moves on.

Right now, the hardships our Black community is facing is at the forefront of media and society. Seeing companies publicly denounce bigotry and racism is powerful! We are heading in the right direction. All this emotion, passion and attention will fade if we do not continue to stoke the fire. How do we keep this momentum going after the news cycles, hashtags, and protests move on? What happens when the hardships of our Black community loses the national attention? How do we make a sustained change? The solution is to get involved. If you are passionate about this fight and the future of our children than get involved. How can you help?

1. Join an organization designed to advance our community

Civic Organizations a. 100 Black Men of America b. Color of Change c. National Action Network d. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People e. National Coalition of 100 Black Women f. National Council of Negro Women g. National Urban League

Professional Organizations a. Association of Black Psychologists b. National Alliance of Black School Educators c. National Association of Black Accountants d. National Black Chamber of Congress e. National Black MBA Association f. National Society of Black Engineers

2. Educate our future black leaders - Be a Benefactor or Beneficiary a. Jackie Robinson Foundation b. Thurgood Marshall College Fund c. United Negro College Fund

3. Alumni Can Model Support for Historically Black Colleges a. Alums get involved in your local alumni chapter b. Donate to your alma mater c. Go to homecoming d. Build up and promote your school to others, especially the youth

4. Support black businesses a. Consider a black dentist, physician, contractor, mechanic among other services b. Support black banks - One United Bank, Mechanic and Farmers bank, Citizens Bank, Industrial Bank c. Checkout websites like IDon'tDoClubs, The Nile List, WeBuyBlack

Lets move forward together. In the comments please add names of organizations / businesses that support our communities.


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