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Childcare You Can TRUST

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Finding quality childcare for your little one can be a daunting task, but as long as you TRUST your instincts, you will surely find the perfect fit for your family.






Tack The policies and practices that the center has in place to run smoothly

Good tack looks like:

· Clear and consistent policies

· Professional phone and in-person interactions

· Timeliness

· Knowledgeable personnel

Questions to determine tack:

1. How long have you been the director here?

2. What is your sick policy for students? Staff?

3. Am I able to look at the parent policy handbook?

4. How can I communicate with my child’s teacher?

Room When you tour the center, what do you see?

A quality room looks like:

· Clean and free of clutter

· Spacious

· Child-Accessible

· Divided into sections

Questions to determine room quality:

1. Is the space clean and well organized?

2. Are the spaces child-friendly and easily navigable?

3. Is there a space designated for teachers? If so, is it well kept?

4. Is the playground nearby? Is it free of debris?

Up-To-Date Modernized décor, technology, and materials

An up-to-date center looks like:

· Quality camera system

· Keypad or FOB key parent entry

· Vibrant toys, not faded and worn-out

· Childcare grade furniture

Questions to determine if a center is up-to-date:

1. How do you keep your staff current on the trends in education?

2. How often do you upgrade your room décor and toys?

3. What technology do you use in this center?

4. Do you have live video streaming?

Staff The people who work with your child everyday

I wrestled with whether to use the word safety or staff for this letter and I finally landed on staff. Obviously, safety is important, but I believe that the last three points address safety in one-way or another. However, the staff may very well be the single most important component of a daycare that you need to trust.