Distance Learning Guidelines

5 Essential Practices to Optimize Distance Learning

In March 2020, the life of every American changed almost instantly. Where I reside, in Maryland, the exact day was Thursday, March 12, 2020. On that day, Governor Hogan announced that all Maryland schools would be closed for the next two weeks in response to the pandemic; little did we know that two weeks would stretch into the entire fourth quarter.

As an educator, I never imagined that it to be possible that I could do my job from home. Nevertheless, at the end of the two weeks, when we realized we weren’t going back, EVERYONE had to rethink education. It was not easy and there was definitely a learning curve. Many parents felt forced to step into the role of being a teacher for their children while trying to maintain a full-time job, while teachers felt helpless in determining how to engage students virtually. But, thankfully…