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Ready, Set, Play

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

A Play Space Review.

**Disclaimer** BabyFe has not received any compensation to write this post.

Over the summer, I discovered two amazing play spaces for children, Be with Me: The Children’s Playseum and Wegman’s Wonderplace. Most play space really target gross motor development. They are a place to run, play, and jump. But these spaces as so much more! These places made my mommy-heart and teacher-heart smile. There is nothing better than seeing your little one happy and, then on top of that, learning.

Over the summer, after my second daughter was born, I needed something to do and I had to get out of the house. So I became the master of the two-seater stroller and hit road. These two places in particular stood out to me as a teacher because of how they use dramatic play to engage boys and girls of all ages while learning important social skills and problem solving.

Annapolis, MD

What I loved most about this place is the grandeur! There are over a dozen rooms. Each room has a different theme and makes you feel like you are in a whole new world. I went four times over the summer and fall and I still don’t believe that I have visited them all. My daughter’s favorite room is the grocery store. I also appreciated the affirmations and guiding questions posted in every room for older children or parents to read and enhance the experience. Education is clearly their primary focus. Here is a list of some of the rooms we enjoyed.

-Pet store (which features real pets that you can feed)

-Italian restaurant

-Mexican restaurant

-Grocery store

-Camp site

-Grandma’s house (filled with collectibles that kids nowadays know nothing about)

-Dentist office

-Court house and jail

-Pioneer house (made to look like the house of one of the first settlers)

-Auto shop


-Construction zone

-Playhouse theatre

-Medical center

-A Row boat

As you can see the list is very diverse and never once did it feel like any child was out of place. There are not gender stereotypes here. Boys can have just as much fun as the girls or, dare I say, more! For older kids there is a baking class, art shop, and slime making. When you come you get an all-day pass, so you can leave and get lunch then return later on in the day. You need an entire day to get through this place. We spent at least 2 hours here every time we went and my daughter still cried each time we had to leave. There is another location in Bethesda, MD, but I have never visited, so I cannot attest to its quality.

Washington, DC

This space is not as large, but just as fun. Wonderplace offers a variety of different experiences for children 6 years and younger. My daughter enjoyed being the captain of a ship and making a farm-to-table meal for her sister and me.

Again, I saw boys and girls enjoying themselves here and no one was bored. I suggest you check out these places if you live in the DC metro area and leave a comment about your experience!

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